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Visual Keylogger

by lowliet on Aug.02, 2012, under Programming

Today, I will show you some simple application, based on my small framework. This is simple key counter wrote long time ago, it counts key presses and visualize it. It looks like this: When you press the left hide button, the visualization will hide (you’ll see regular keyboard), when you press right, whole application hides, […]

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Memory leaks tracing

by lowliet on Aug.02, 2012, under Debugging

So here’s short post about memory leaks tracing. When I write in languages without automatic memory management, memory leaks often causes problems, but Visual Studio provides an easy way to trace it (as a part of Microsoft C-Runtime library). Ok, so straight to the point, in a code we want to trace memory leaks we […]

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WinAPI windows framework

by lowliet on Jul.31, 2012, under Programming

So here’s my first post. I will try to put here some code I’m working on, if I’ll find enough time for this. I hope somebody will found it useful. So first some code that I’m using when making programs based on Windows API. It’s simple window manager, wrote some time ago, which covers normal […]

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